Josh Held Design is a full service design agency with the sole mission of evolving the designed environment and how it is experienced.  With over 15 years of creating and reinventing hospitality design, Josh Held has amassed a collection of work focused on Hotels, Casinos, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Theaters, Retail, and Residential.  It is with these capabilities that he created Josh Held Design, to work with an ever-expanding roster of clients and advance the state of hospitality design, while providing a more personal and direct relationship between the client and designer.


Josh Held Design has called New York City it’s home since 2009 creating projects in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York.  His most recent design work includes Bacchanalia Restaurant in Singapore, the multi-mullion dollar recreation of legendary New York City hot spot, Marquee, and the highly anticipated Las Vegas nightlife concept LIGHT.


135 West 20th St., Ste 200

New York, New York 10011

o: 212.242.4503